Branding, art direction and website for luxury events space in Cotswolds, UK

Studio: self, 2022
Design: Cleber de Campos.
Client: Elisabeth Krohn.
Motion design: Jeremy Downes.
Illustration: Estevan Silveira.
Photography: Jo Metson Scott and James Mcdonald.
Typeface: Rauschen B, from Out of the Dark

Nestled among whispering trees, Ampney Park was built on an ancient site. The current manor house was constructed in the 16th century by John Pleydell. The Jacobean features are complimented by later Georgian and Victorian additions, the amalgamation of periods adding to its charm, creating the characteristic Cotswolds vernacular. The house is set in enchanting mature gardens. Start in the west where water springs from the Winter Well and meanders through the park, pooling in lakes and trickling through to the adjoining Mill, to form Ampney Brook. To the south, the Ampney Boar reigns over the parterre garden and lawns. To the east, the estate is attached to the Church of the Holy Rood, an Anglican church with Saxon foundations and Norman elements that is mentioned in the Domesday Book. Look north and the rolling parkland is dotted with trees that hint at a past avenue.

Inspired by architecture features and the design of the gardens of the property, triangles feature proeminently in the identity, both giving the shapes of the set of trademarks or more subtly in layouts. 

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